A Bouncing Baby…Ball?

birth & christening personalised football gifts

The arrival of a baby brings bundles of joy into the lives of so many people, not just the parents. Uncles, aunts, grandparents, brother & sisters, cousins, friends, godparents and on goes the list.

With a baby also arrives many gifting opportunities…

Perhaps you need to buy something special for the parents, or maybe as a new parent you would like to get something for the grandparents, or the godparents or guardians after a Christening or Naming Ceremony?

There are plenty of ideas out there for what you can buy, but at Exclusively Bespoke we are rather pleased with our recent Birth Ball product idea.

Picture the scene…the baby has entered the world safely, and you’ve had the text from dad telling you the weight and that mum and baby are doing fine. Time to order something really special – a birth ball with baby’s name, birthdate and weight and when the ball arrives grab a permanent marker or Sharpie pen and get the grandparents, siblings, aunts & uncles to sign the ball!

That’s a proper timeless keepsake for the little one that will be treasured all through his or her life.

birth and christening gift - personalised football

If you are the new proud parents then personalise the balls with your own special message to the grandparents or godparents if you are having a Christening and watch the smiles as they unwrap them after the ceremony.

We do believe that there is always a place for engraved silver spoons and keepsake books, but we know that there is always room for something a little bit different, and these look fantastic on a bookshelf in the home or in the nursery, or even in your office.

Pride is a wonderful thing, and we think it comes just after a ball…

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