Best Gift for Best Men


Every now and again a great idea for a new gift experience comes along and hits us like a train…and a chat with a friend who had recently been through his first ‘Best Man’ experience was one such instance.

I won’t use his real name, so for now let’s call him Bobby.

Bobby is a good friend of mine and probably the scruffiest friend I have. The one time in his life he has ever had to wear a shirt that needed cufflinks was for that one day he was Best Man at the wedding. Bless him, he tried to look happy when he showed me the cufflinks that the happy couple bought him as a Best Man present, but unless he gets to be a best man again sometime soon they are unlikely to ever get used by Bobby. He is keeping them on display on a bookshelf in his living room.

Now Bobby is one of the biggest football nuts I know. He lives and breathes the beautiful game and his home is a shrine to the game and the team he follows. If you want to get Bobby a present then get him something to do with football (or maybe fishing as he does dabble with that too).

Bobby was very proud to be the Best Man at his best buddy’s wedding…and Bobby loves football. Bobby is not unique here; many men love football and are very proud to be Best Man when they get the opportunity. Many happy couples buy presents for the Best Man…

…football, Best Man, present…


Introducing our latest innovation, the Best Man Personalised Football. Such a simple idea that makes for such a beautiful gift.

Best Man personalised Football gift

All of our personalised footballs are of the highest quality – premium materials and hand stitched (yes, really, hand-stitched!). These Best Man balls are perfect for signing too, so as well as carrying a personal message from the Bride & Groom they can also be signed with a decent marker or Sharpie by the other special people on the day such as the bridesmaids, ushers and so on.

We ran the idea by Bobby…he loved it, and then looked forlornly at the cufflinks on the bookshelf.

Next time Bobby, next time.

Find out more about our Personalised Best Man Gift Footballs and please get in touch with us of you have any questions about them.

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